Rocheleau specializes in reciprocating screw blow molding machines, offering a wide range of machinery sizes and trimming automation configurations. We also offer smaller sized continuous extrusion blow molding systems for specialty or custom applications. Our modular system approach allows us to customize machinery fit for purpose, from typical or standard options, yet remain flexible and expandable as manufacturing demands change over time. Typical applications include:

•  Dairy Products: single-serve bottles, quarts, gallons
•  Food Processing: milk, juice, vegetable oil
•  Industrial Containers: automotive, safety
•  Household Chemical
•  Personal Care: soap, shampoo
•  Medical Packaging
•  Toys: novelty items
•  Educational: R&D Test Labs
•  Specialty Bottles

We are dedicated to building reliable machinery, simple in design, yet highly productive. Our versatile machinery is easy to operate, has low maintenance requirements, and is well suited for dedicated high volume production applications or custom molding.